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Carpe Arte encourages you to support Indian contemporary art by engaging with it.

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Our Roots

Carpe Arte is a play on the Latin ‘Carpe Diem’ and encourages you to Seize the Art.
An art enthusiasts organization, We aim to build a community that supports Indian contemporary art by engaging with it and making it more accessible through talks, gallery walk-throughs, workshops, VIP previews, visits to private collections and visits to artists studios.

Art is an important part of our history and it is important that we support it but this can only happen if we engage with it.

The art world can be daunting, we help simplify it by giving you access to all the information, inviting you to join us when we attend events and encouraging you to ask questions – we truly believe there are no stupid questions when it comes to understanding art.

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Bringing a community together through art activities such as art walks, studio visits, conversations etc


Making Indian contemporary art and the people behind it accessible to everyone. Allowing for conversations and learning.


Helping the Indian contemporary art scene by supporting new artists through audience engagement and building new collector bases.

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Natasha Jeyasingh is an art consultant and project manager. Her work in art, craft and design encompasses projects ranging from restoration, interior design, art installation to product development and site specific unique commissions. She has a talent for organising people and managing sites and is at her happiest when things come together on opening day.
She believes “home is where the (he)art is” and invests in art that she truly enjoys. She likes spending time with artists in their studios, browsing vintage stores and taking naps with her cats.


Nathan is a product designer and strategist based in San Francisco. His favorite place to be is in small rooms with developers brainstorming ideas to solve pain points and designing solutions they can easily build. He uses art as an escape from stress of the Silicon Valley tech scene and likes exploring the intersection between art and technology. When he is not designing, you can find him hunting for the best sushi in town, trying to convince people to play Monopoly Deal, or binging on the latest Sci-Fi series.


Viraj Mithani is an interdisciplinary contemporary artist and educator. His practice floats between painting, print and sculpture. He currently lives and practices in Mumbai, also co-leading and running Carpe Arte group.

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Niteesha is a Fashion Communication student currently studying at the Indian School of Design and Innovation, Mumbai. Prior to this she spent a few years studying Painting and Art History in Chicago. Currently she’s exploring the boundaries between art and fashion, and is interested in Indian Crafts and Social Work. When she is not busy with work, you can find her catching up on some reading, taking photos on her camera or exploring different parts of the city.


Dr. Steve Yi is a dentist who practices in Thane, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.
He loves all things artistic and his idea of leisure activities is a gallery hop. He loves to collect old furniture and is a foodie through and through. 
He is also an amazing photographer who manages to make the most candid shots absolutely amazing


Al-Qawi Nanavati is an Artist and Art Educator. Her studio is in Mumbai, from where she practices and teaches workshops regularly. She has completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an emphasis in Printmaking and Painting/Drawing in 2017.

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Viraag Desai graduated in 2009 with a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 
He has completed several large scale commissions for commercial spaces, both in India and abroad, expanding his practice from painting to sculpture to technology-based installations. This has allowed him to further meld his experience in digital and set design with his artistic practice.

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